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DesignBuild took on the challenging task of recreating this professional couple’s home to be the entertainment space that they envisioned. Challenging seems to be DesignBuild’s forte with the result of this masterpiece Auchenflower home. The pre-war dwelling has all the character of that irreplaceable old world charm. DesignBuild were given the task of keeping this charm alive whilst taking advantage of the spectacular city views. Brad and Deral Page, the owners of this property, were after a space that was perfect for entertaining in their down time. To create the social areas that this couple desired, their living space was expanded to create more bedrooms, a study and a rumpus room. The house was also raised to make the most of the spectacular city views and address the parking issues that came with having a steep driveway from a raised property.

A39J8235The restrictions on the home did not stop Guy and his team from doing what they do best. As an example, it was important to Brad and Deral to keep the pre-war brick fireplace, a feature in the home, intact. DesignBuild provided an engineering feat to support the fireplace from below and ensure what was important to Brad and Deral was kept as utmost priority.

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NEWWA39J8149Guy from DesignBuild considers this home as one of the most prestigious renovation projects he has been involved in, due to the stunning city skyline views that are now visible throughout the house, in particular from the dining and living areas. The house raise exponentially magnified the city views and created a generous living space that flows to the outdoor area. “With the use of corner-less stacker doors, the cityscape is drawn inside creating a seamlessness between outside and inside, the entertaining area and the pool,” explains Guy.

A39J8271 lastpageimageThe home takes advantage of city views throughout, with feature windows and open plan living. The house is adjacent to the swimming pool, creating a seamless outdoor and indoor entertainment area. DesignBuild utilised materials that matched the existing residence, creating consistency and authenticity throughout the home. Due to the property being situated on a main road, the exposure of the build was high and involvement with the community was relevant. Therefore, maintaining the streetscape look and professionalism throughout the build was of a high priority. “The challenge was to apply the proposed renovations and extension to this house yet keeping the charmed look that it has from the street.

newWith the cooperation from the Brisbane City Council, we managed to achieve a design solution that followed all the regulations applicable to this location,” explained Guy. When asked for tips for readers looking to build a new home, Guy states, “An initial consultation with a qualified professional like DesignBuild will work wonders in anyone’s decision making process.” Diligence is required, a set budget should be defined and architectural factors are then applied to take advantage of any aspects and create a sustainable space just like this home.


This project took sixteen months to complete, with design and documentation for the house appearing as the most ambitious of exercises. Problem solving of architectural and engineering problems that they encountered made for a successful outcome. “Just to be involved in the transformation of the existing structure is an inspiration in itself,” says Guy. We agree, what a place to call home!

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