Xavier - interior - main living area or receiving area

Step inside the beautiful apartment home of Wendy Neilson from Xavier Furniture

This Sunshine Coast apartment draws inspiration from Singaporean style and a love of history, with furniture and accessories curated by the Director of one of Australia’s best furniture brands, Xavier Furniture

Wendy Neilson, owner and director of Xavier Furniture, is taking us on a tour through a project close to her heart — it is, after all, her own home! When she and her husband Des (also a director of Xavier Furniture) moved into their apartment in the HIA-awarded Botanica Residences, Wendy knew she would delight in selecting furniture and furnishings to maximise the features and space with clever Xavier design choices.

Xavier - interior - main living area

Xavier - interior - sofas

“We wanted to make the most of the views facing the Maroochy River and the ocean,” Wendy explains. “That was one of the most important considerations for how we’d use the spaces and where we’d place furniture so we could all enjoy the stunning views.”

Xavier - outdoor dining space

Xavier - interior - receiving area

Naturally, Wendy looked to Xavier Furniture’s collection to create the overall look, selecting beloved pieces that would, together, evoke a feeling of colonial Singapore. “I love Singapore and its wonderful history,” she says, citing that iconic 20th-century black-and-white style. “So many items in our collection were perfect for the look we wanted to achieve.”

Xavier - interior - kitchen - breakfast area

Xavier - interior - dining area

Xavier - interior - hallway

The styling is bold, and evocative of vast 1920s Singaporean bungalows. Drawing on her design expertise, Wendy has taken hallmarks of this theme and adjusted them to suit the living spaces — tiled floors, for example, take on a new life thanks to the Winton House black-and-white plaid rug in the living room, echoed in the Amsterdam sofa chairs upholstered in a striking monochrome stripe. Swathes of light dancing across each room mean that all of the elements sing. 

There’s also a sense of that old British style tucked into the space courtesy of the mahogany Mayflower desk from Xavier Furniture, but modernised (and brightened) with rattan inset panels, a texture which repeats with the rattan side table. You also feel as though the Singaporean landscape has made its way into the home, with vibrant bursts of green adding a natural touch in each room — the Spencer sofa, upholstered in that luscious emerald hue, oozes comfort to be enjoyed at the end of a long day. 

Xavier - interior - main living area with desk

Words: Natasha Pavez / Photography: John Downs

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