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Artist Belinda Scott

“These 45 works say a lot about me,” says artist, Belinda Scott. “Very random, a tad odd, and not at all serious.”

We’re very familiar with Belinda’s artistic talents (she was art director here at Queensland Homes for over a decade!) – she’s a creative force when it comes to design, and her latest collection of abstract and still life paintings, and vivid pop prints are just another expression of that energy we’ve always loved.

Reminiscing by Belinda Scott
Reminiscing 77x101cm mixed media on canvas 03.17

Belinda began painting in 2016 with her mentor, Beverley Tainton, both as a creative outlet and as an escape from her computer screen (a graphic artist by trade, Belinda is also founding director of Puctto, a fashion-based social media platform with a virtual change room feature launching later this year). Her new-found hobby soon became a passion. “I ended up having quite a few pieces of work, so I mulled over the idea of having an exhibition. I knew that if I booked then, I couldn’t chicken out, so I bit the bullet and locked in Percolator Gallery at Paddington.”

Belinda’s beautiful artworks, including her vivid, abstract paintings, as well as some kitschy, digital pop culture prints, mixed with appliqué that she created for the launch of Puctto, all form her solo exhibition, 45.

Autumn by Belinda Scott
“Autumn” 104.4 x 104.4cm Acrylic
Aqua Waters by Belinda Scott
Aqua Waters, 91x91cm acrylic on canvas 04.17
Pink Clay by Belinda Scott
Pink Clay 122x122cm acrylic
Tea Party by Belinda Scott
Tea Party 91x91cm acrylic on canvas 12.17
Regrowth 1 by Belinda Scott
Regrowth 1 101.4×101.4cm acrylic on canvas
Bolt by Belinda Scott
Bolt 90x90cm digital (with or without handsewn appliqué) 04.18
Queenie Rock by Belinda Scott
Queenie Rock 122x122cm digital (with or without handsewn appliqué) 05.18
Llama by Belinda Scott
Llama 35.6×35.6cm acrylic on canvas 02.18
Memories by Belinda Scott
Memories 122x122cm mixed media on canvas 04.17

“It’s been a roller-coaster few years professionally. One of courage, strength and pure determination. Courage to hold my first exhibition and, as only a handful of people know, to send a self-portrait ‘You’ve changed’ to the 2018 Archibalds,” says Belinda of her journey as a creative. “Also, the pure strength and determination that comes with being a founder of a tech startup – the pivots, tears, frustration, the little wins, and celebrations, while trying to stay positive and passionate about why I started in the first place.”

Local art lovers, be sure to get along to Percolator Gallery, 134 Latrobe Terrace in Paddington, Brisbane, to see all 45 of her works up close and celebrate the exciting evolution of this talented local artist. All 45 original works will be for sale, with postcard size prints, and a 56-page full-colour magazine from 45 exhibition – abstract, still life and pop! available to purchase, too.

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