The latest trends from Caesarstone® to transform your kitchen in 2021

Image: Design by Adele Bates Studio, Featuring Caesarstone® Organic White Deluxe Range

Adele Bates, Adele Bates Studio

Adele Bates, Adele Bates Studio

“We\’re seeing is a tailored design approach to kitchens, more specifically focused on the client\’s personal needs and how they utilise the space,” says the founder of multi-disciplinary design practice, Adele Bates Studio, of this year\’s emerging kitchen design trends. “Interest in tactile materiality, movement and texture is definitely a \’visual trend\’ that is still prevalent. We\’re excited to use the Caesarstone® Outdoor range this year; it gives us the opportunity to blend the design between the interior and exterior spaces.”

And the designer\’s top tip to create a truly timeless kitchen? Adele says that kitchen design should create a perfect balance between function and aesthetics, as neither would work without the other. “Establishing the function through good planning and detailed design, paired with unique design elements and finishes that will stand the test of time, will create a kitchen that is built for longevity.”

 Georgia Ezra, Tiles of Ezra & Studio Ezra

Georgia Ezra, Tiles of Ezra

As an Interior Architect and the owner and founder of Studio Ezra and Tiles of Ezra, Georgia has had a hand in creating some of the most stunning kitchens in homes throughout Australia. “Walking into a space that has been born in your mind and then constructed is a feeling that never grows old,” says the designer of the magic and joy she finds in creating an interior that changes the way people feel on an experiential level. “For me, a timeless kitchen design is an exclusive unique design that\’s true to the end-user and the end-user only.”

Topus Concrete Caesarstone
Image: Design by Georgia Ezra, featuring Caesarstone® Topus Concrete Supernatural range

And her take on kitchen design trends in 2021? “What I\’m seeing is designers and homeowners wanting to take more risk and create a bespoke and individual space that is unique to them. I currently love Caesarstone® Topus Concrete because it\’s a soft, warm tone that\’s reminiscent of the earth. It goes beautifully with so many other finishes that surround it.”

Kat Moore


Kat is the Interior Design Manager at Boutique Homes and says she\’s seeing a shapely focus for kitchen design trends this year, all about curves (in all the right places!). “Soft curves and arches dominate the world of interiors with a shift towards inviting, homely environments without harsh edges and corners,” Kat says. “Designers are becoming savvier about how we bring curves into our homes and spaces. It\’s more timeless than a lot of other short-lived trends. Plus, it\’s a more social configuration for entertaining guests in your home!”

Image: Design by Boutique Homes featuring Caesarstone® Frozen Terra Deluxe range

Kat adds that homeowners are getting more adventurous with the finishes and colours used in their kitchen designs. “Homeowners want individuality and something a little more interesting. We have seen a surge in client requests for the sleek and moody aesthetic – Black ply is one designer look; its warm timber grain softens the harshness. Pairing black with white-veined stone is a timeless look that commands attention and presence.”

Black appliances, tapware and hardware, are also rising in popularity. “It\’s not unusual for clients to pair black cabinetry with a black stone benchtop and splashback,” says Kat. “Use as much or as little as you like. Black is a versatile colour that goes with everything! Black is always on-trend!”

Discover more about Caesarstone premium quality quartz surfaces consisting of up to 93% quartz to retain the cool tactile qualities of nature\’s strong stones with enormous application possibilities including kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, furniture and more. 

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