Australia\’s Clean Coast Collective are saving the earth in style

Clean Coast Collective bamboo toothbrush

With 100% of profits from product sales funding Trash Tribe expeditions to clean up beaches in remote Australia, Clean Coast Collective\’s line of plastic-free lifestyle products is saving the planet in style.

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Founded by Natalie Woods and Daniel Smith in 2014, the Clean Coast Collective is aiming to tackle Australia’s pollution problems and the amount of plastic floating in our oceans and washing ashore on our beaches. Their Trash Tribe initiative, in partnership with Tangaroa Blue and Conservation Volunteers Australia, saw the collection of 3.1 tonnes of waste from the 6.7km long, Chilli Beach in their first clean up alone, and the collective just keeps on growing and evolving.

For those looking to drink consciously without sacrificing on that luxe look, Clean Coast Collective\’s signature Pacific Gold Straw (set of two straws, RRP $17.00) is a stylish alternative to a plastic straw, made of polished gold-plated stainless steel.

Clean Coast Collective drinking straws
Clean Coast Collective Pacific Gold straw set

Helping to eliminate plastics from our daily routines, Clean Coast Collective\’s nutrient and mineral-rich Seaside Shampoo Bar (RRP $15.00) is free from synthetic ingredients and palm oil, and infused with wild nettle (for strong hair) and rosemary (for hair growth).

Clean Coast Collective shampoo bar
Clean Coast Collective Seaside Shampoo Bar

Clean Coast Collective\’s Island Bamboo Toothbrush set (set of two toothbrushes, RRP $14.99) features two premium bamboo toothbrushes with 100% biodegradable Mao bamboo handle and fully compostable packaging, so you can keep your teeth pearly white, all while Mother Nature catches a break from the pain of plastic.

Clean Coast Collective bamboo toothbrush set
Clean Coast Collective Island bamboo toothbrush set

For more information or to purchase one of the Clean Coast Collective’s amazing products, visit

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