Why you’ll love a handcrafted approach to designer rugs

WILD BERRY by Anna Carin Design
WILD BERRY by Anna Carin Design

The art of Tibetan knot weaving is like no other; it\’s a unique design method that has been preserved even despite the ever-changing technological milieu faced by the modern design industry, and it’s one which leading Australian rug company, Designer Rugs, celebrates.

The collection

There is a large selection of stunning Tibetan Hand-Knot ranges, all crafted in Nepal, using the highest quality Tibetan wool with pure silk highlights. Browse the in-house collections Mystique, Wool and Silk,  and the Contemporary Range – along with the incredible Designer Collaborations of Catherine Martin, Anna-Carin, Kerrie Brown Hare+Klein, and Greg Natale, to name a few.

Designer Rugs Monarch Tibetan Handweave
MONARCH – Mystique Collection

The difference

Not only does the use of the Tibetan knot weaving technique achieve a beautiful finish due to its incredibly intricate construction method, but Tibetan knot rugs also have a more dense, luxurious and durable quality than could ever be achieved with standard machine weaving.

CRISS CROSS by bernabeifreeman

Quality like no other

You need to get up close to touch and see just how stunning the Tibetan hand-knot quality is – with showrooms spanning Australia and New Zealand, including one in Brisbane, visitors to the Designer Rugs showrooms are given the opportunity to peruse the wide range of designs and collections on display. From the expansive in-house range of hand knots to the highly sought-after designs by some of Australia’s most highly-regarded art and design personalities, the talented Designer Rugs team can guide you and offer advice on your selection. They will ensure that each finished product is the perfect reflection of passion, quality and handmade design for which Designer Rugs is so well known.

Designer Rugs Paris
PARIS – Himalaya Collection
TOKYO by Greg Natale
BLAIR: Black – Himalaya Collection

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