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Adding Colour and Vibrancy to Your Interiors with Boldly Beautiful Wall Covering Solutions

Are you tired of the same old beige interiors? Do you long for a burst of colour and vibrancy in your space? Look no further than Miss Lolo, the design company that brings bold and beautiful wall coverings to life. Miss Lolo is on a mission to inject joy and creativity into your everyday spaces. From vibrant wallpapers to peel-and-stick wall coverings, their products are designed to transform your home into a colourful and inspiring haven.

The Creation of Miss Lolo

In 2013, celebrity fashion stylist Tamzyn Adding had had enough of the monotonous beige interiors that seemed to dominate the design world. Determined to bring more colour and excitement into people’s lives, she launched Miss Lolo. Coming from a family of established New Zealand artists and armed with a design degree, Tamzyn used her instinctual chromatic knowledge to create aesthetically adventurous pieces that became the focal point of any room. Since its inception, Miss Lolo has been dedicated to delivering a bold and bespoke design experience for both residential and commercial projects.

Custom-Print Wall Coverings

Miss Lolo offers a wide range of custom-print wall coverings that are sure to make a statement in any room. Measuring 105 cm wide, these wall coverings are available in various designs and can be tailored to suit your specific vision. Whether you’re looking for a bold and vibrant pattern or a more subtle and sophisticated design, Miss Lolo has got you covered. Their sumptuous fabrics are printed on a range of substrates, from diaphanous sheers to textured and heavy textiles, ensuring a luxurious and high-quality finish.

Commercial Projects with Miss Lolo

For commercial projects, Miss Lolo is dedicated to delivering a bold and beautiful design experience that truly elevates your premises. Their team of designers, led by Tamzyn Adding, will work closely with you to create an adventurous aesthetic that is perfectly balanced in colour and scale. Miss Lolo’s range of fabulous wallpapers, exclusively designed by them, can be customised to suit your vision. From hotels to restaurants, their commercial products meet industry and insurance requirements, guaranteeing both style and functionality.

Bringing Colour and Vibrancy to Your Living Space

Whether you’re looking for vibrant wallpaper or a custom-print wall covering, Miss Lolo has the perfect solution to transform your space into a bold and beautiful haven. Say goodbye to beige interiors and embrace the joy of vibrant design with Miss Lolo.




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