Artisanal and edgy – DOMO showcases Pulpo


DOMO has recently expanded its stunning Pulpo range to include not just their lighting, but a more extensive selection of customisable artisan lighting, furniture and accessories.

The Pulpo range is a standout in the collections offered by DOMO, in keeping with the store’s signature pledge of importing only the highest-quality, coveted furniture and lighting by world-esteemed brands.



Ursula and Patrick L’hoste founded Pulpo in 2006, creating a range of products that expressed their passion for the beautiful, and their courage to experiment. Over the years, Pulpo has collaborated with a small select group of designers, who share a love of materials and highly functional products, including Sebastian Herkner, Davide Monopoli, Ferrérol Babin and duo Visser & Meijwaard.

An extensive range of Pulpo’s best-selling pieces are now available through DOMO here in Australia, and – a rare luxury – all can be fully customised in colour, size and combination of shades to suit an interior style and setting. Pulpo enables each customer to experience a tailored design journey, where both the consumer and designer can create a unique and timeless piece, curated perfectly to their individual tastes.

DOMO_Pulpo_Mila-Side-Tables DOMO_Pulpo_Lyn-Cabinet DOMO_Pulpo_Stellar-Grape-Small-Floor-Lamp

The artisanal nature and handmade characteristics of the lighting, accessories and furniture set Pulpo apart, with stand out pieces from the collection including the Stellar Grape Lamp by renowned designer Sebastian Herkner, the Boule Light (a pure homage to the traditional French Pétanque game, a version of boule), the illuminated and sculptural Cactus Lamp by Mickaël Koska, Mila side table series, the Lyn Cabinet by Studio Visser & Meijwaard, and the Bent Light and Side Table.

Pulpo’s range of lighting, furniture and accessories are now on display in DOMO showrooms across Queensland and are viewable online at




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