Easton Pearson collaborate with Designer Rugs on a stunning new collection

Easton Pearson Designer Rugs Mahoora Moth
Mahoora Moth by Easton Pearson for Designer Rugs

Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson’s third collaboration with Designer Rugs has yielded a collection that is at once bold, beautiful, eclectic and exquisitely charming. It’s an exciting return to furnishings for the fashion designers, who closed their doors last year after 27 years – and a continuation of a label that still resonates in the Australian fashion and design industry.

Known for their strong textile focus and use of colour, often inspired by Indian, African, European and vintage clothing and prints, Easton Pearson’s signature is instantly recognisable in this fresh, lively rug collection.

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“Although there is certainly a continuity in the design elements from our previous collections, these new rugs have a sparser and bolder pattern and an eclectic colour palette,” said Pamela and Lydia.

The inspiration for this new range came from the kaleidoscope, and the way patterns and colours can be recreated and reformed into beautiful new arrangements at the turn of a wrist. “We used a large scale but fragmented the details from pieces of antique textiles, then recoloured them to cover a spectrum of interior concepts.”

The Designer Rugs X Easton Pearson rugs are tufted in 100% New Zealand Wool, with the standard rugs measuring two metres by three metres, plus one round design at 2.5 metres diameter, and are priced from $4950. However, as custom specialists, Designer Rugs can create these rugs in bespoke sizes to suit any space.


Peony Rising Easton Pearson Designer Rugs
Peony Rising by Easton Pearson for Designer Rugs
Spanish Almond Easton Pearson Designer Rugs
Spanish Almond by Easton Pearson for Designer Rugs
Wishing Well Easton Pearson Designer Rugs
Wishing Well by Easton Pearson for Designer Rugs
Desert Rose Easton Pearson Designer Rugs
Desert Rose by Easton Pearson for Designer Rugs
Rose Cocoon Easton Pearson Designer Rugs
Rose Cocoon by Easton Pearson for Designer Rugs

The Easton Pearson collection is on display at Designer Rugs\’ showroom in Brisbane and viewable online at designerrugs.com.au

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