Embrace a new way of living: The Tiny House Company

Embrace a new way of living: The Tiny House Company

Has the housing market got your stomach and bank account in knots? We hear you! It can be a daunting and expensive world out there. Thankfully there’s a whole new batch of forward-thinking companies out there who are promoting a different way of living – one that welcomes downsizing!

Well suited to the minimalist lifestyle, innovative new housing options like those from Queensland-based business The Tiny House Company are all about function, value, and sustainability, owning less and living a more fulfilled life.

We chatted to Lara from The Tiny House Company about the movement and why more and more people are gravitating towards living a more simplistic life.

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Embrace a new way of living: The Tiny House Company

What inspired you to create The Tiny House Company?

There is a frustrating lack of housing options in Australia, and we wanted to create a new one to throw in the mix. By building houses on trailers, it provides a way for people to own a house and just rent the land. It can offer a housing option for many different situations.

In your experience what prompts people to downsize?

A whole variety of influences prompts people to want to downsize including financial, social, lifestyle, environmental. People often want to declutter or downsize their life and live more sustainably by having a composting toilet, recycling their grey water, going off-grid for power and or water. Tiny Houses can provide a way to do this.

Embrace a new way of living: The Tiny House Company

What do you find are people\’s main concerns when it comes to downsizing?

Many people are concerned they have to give up owning stuff. I think most people have plenty of things they could live without but don\’t want to. That\’s fair enough, and the important things should be accommodated. Just because you want to live in a small space shouldn\’t mean you have to give up your hobbies and passions. You might just have to be more creative about where you store your surfboard, drum kit, etc.

Do most tiny home owners endeavour to live more simplistically in all aspects of their lives?

Yes, many do. It is quite empowering to manage your own waste, energy, and water. Having a small off-grid or semi-off-grid house has lots of benefits for a simplistic lifestyle.

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Embrace a new way of living: The Tiny House Company

Could you share with us some examples on how to adopt a more minimalistic and sustainable way of living?

  • If you’re recycling your grey water into the garden use eco soaps and body products. 
  • Think about food wastage, buy fresh and use food fresh. 
  • Reduce clutter and unwanted items. You’re more likely to have a small but good quality wardrobe and when, for whatever reason, an item hasn\’t been used in a while sell, hand down or donate to make room for new things. 
  • Digitising paperwork, photos and memorabilia is a good way to declutter. 
  • Off-site storage for a few special items you don\’t need on hand everyday is a great way to compromise.

Embrace a new way of living: The Tiny House Company

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