How to choose a builder for your home renovation

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It can be difficult to know where to start when selecting a builder for your home renovation, particularly if you haven’t renovated before with seemingly endless options out there. Queensland Homes caught up with Brisbane builder Lak Constructions to get some expert advice on the questions you should be asking in the early stages to choose the right builder for your project.

What should people be asking potential builders before hiring them for their home renovation?


Renovating or building requires foresight, ingenuity and good planning. Most of all, you need to be informed about what you are legally required to do and understand as much as possible about the process. The more you understand the more questions you can ask and make an informed decision.

What are the main considerations when choosing a builder?


For us here at Lak Constructions, the main considerations are obviously making sure the builder is licensed and has the right insurances to carry out the work, but it’s also about the personal connection with our clients. Completing a building project is not only a big responsibility – it also needs to be a good experience for both the builder and the client. Being able to openly communicate and having a trusting relationship with your builder is key.

Are there any red flags in the early stages that a builder might not be suitable for you?


Reliability for us is key. If your builder can’t turn up prepared, professionally presented and on time from the get-go, you may need to rethink your choice. Communication during a renovation or new build project is a major key to its success. Early warning signs that your builder isn’t good at communicating should be a red flag moment!


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How detailed should people research into their builder before hiring them?


The main issue we see clients face in this part of the journey is not knowing what research they should do and who they can do it through. The HIA and Queensland Master Builders Association both have resources available to the general public with some great checklists to help you through the maze of information.

The other crucial thing is that any good builder won’t be shy about providing information. One of our key things to do with potential clients is to organise for them to either talk to or meet past clients so they can have a chat to them about their experience with us. We can also organise for a visit to either a completed project or a current project so that potential clients can get a feel first-hand of our quality of workmanship and project management. Being able to see your builders work first-hand is a great way to determine their quality of work.

What information should people provide to a builder to make sure they are on the same page initially?


We do a lot of work for people who have hired architects to do their plans for them. When spending a considerable amount of money on a renovation or new build, the investment in a good architect is a must. Not only does this provide consistency in the design and finishes of the project but a good architect is worth their weight in gold in limiting variations and project management. In providing us with a full set of detailed and specified plans we can be more accurate with our quoting and have a very clear picture of what your expectations are.

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