Protecting Your Best Investment – Wine

Settling down with a glass of red is something of a Friday tradition in the QH office (or white, if your tastebuds wander that way), so finding a way to store our many bottles of Shiraz and Merlot is up there on our to do list. We sat down with Vintec to discuss how the experts store their favourite tipples – with a little help from an appliance which has quickly become vino’s best friend.

QH – We all know underground cellars are every wine lover’s dream, but what can the average person do to store their wine?

Vintec: By investing in a wine cabinet, you can replicate a cellar in your own home – regardless of where you live. Our Vintec & Transtherm wine cabinets provide storage for anywhere between 30 to 4000 bottles, and will protect your wines from the elements.


QH: What does a wine need to be protected from?

Vintec: There’s a few things, actually. You’ll want to protect your wine from temperature variations; these can denature your wines and alter the taste. Humidity levels need to stay above 50% to ensure corks don’t dry and crack. And, finally, you want to keep UV light away from your wine.


QH: And a Vintec or Transtherm wine cabinet can do all that?

Vintec: Absolutely. They even replicate the vibration-proof conditions of underground cellars. Each cabinet has a unique temperature and humidity control system, anti-vibration system, UV-treated tinted glass doors, and frequent air circulation. The result is wine that matures slowly and steadily, allowing wines to coalesce into a complex balance – and taste perfect.

QH: So your climate-controlled cabinets are great for maturing wine and keeping it at the perfect drinking temperature, but what about those investment wines – do these cabinets keep them safe?

Vintec: Of course. As you’ll need proof of cellaring conditions if you’re selling to astute buyers, wine-lovers can rest assured that Vintec and Transtherm wine cabinets set between 12-14ºC meet all the important wine storage conditions.

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QH: What temperature should wines be cellared at, and at what humidity? We want a nice drink this weekend!

Vintec: The key to a good wine storage is keeping your temperature constant! Keep your wine cabinet’s temperature between 12 and 14ºC, and with the thermal recycling pump which equips Vintec and Transtherm cellars, you’ll find the humidity is just right, too. Depending on ambient humidity, hygrometry in your cellar should be maintained at levels between 50% and 80%, when set at the correct temperature.

QH: What’s the perfect temperature to drink wines at?

Vintec: Each wine style and varietal has an ideal serving temperature. However, as a general rule, if you’re choosing a red, drink it at temperatures between 16 and 18ºC, and drink your whites at temperatures between 6 and 8ºC. If you serve your whites too cold, bitterness and acidity noticeably accentuated. If you serve your reds too warm (above 19-20°C), aromas will be stripped of their finesse and hidden by an overpowering sensation of alcohol.


QH: So if I need to chill my wines, why can’t I use a regular fridge?

Vintec: Normal fridges are designed to rapidly draw-down temperature by blasting intense cold air, and they also remove ambient humidity to slow down food spoilage, which is what your wines don’t need: corks will dry out, and quick drops in temperature can easily denature your wines. Climate-controlled wine cabinets are designed to replicate the ideal conditions found in the best natural underground wine cellars, with a very slow-cycling compressor and a humidity recycling system – in addition to other important features for the preservation of your wine.

It’s better to be safe and invest in something that you can be sure does the right job!

Well, we’re sorted – hello, happy hour at home. Now all we need is a good cheese platter…

Find out more at Vintec’s website.

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