This light and airy kitchen is all about refined simplicity

This stunning kitchen designed by Darren James Interiors is one of our favourite examples of how to pull off a contemporary kitchen design that still feels calm and welcoming.

Darren James Interiors kitchen

The brief for this kitchen by Darren James Interiors was to create an open-plan space that was free flowing, welcoming and full of natural light – a space that centred on bringing this large family and their friends together to cook, eat, entertain and share life.

The desire was for the kitchen to be the visual centrepiece by opening it up to connect to the adjoining living spaces and create better spatial planning.


Central to the brief was the clients\’ love of design and refined clean lines. However, it was important that the space still felt relaxed, inviting and most importantly, reflected their personalities and lifestyle. A neutral colour colour scheme was accomplished through the use of a fresh white colour palette paired with the natural texture and warmth of timber.


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It was essential that the kitchen layout encouraged comfortable interaction, maximised usability and had great flow – each area within the kitchen has been divided up into zones and workstations. Another important consideration was ensuring that the kitchen had well-appointed work spaces for prepping and serving up food. A specific storage area for the clients’ paella dishes (a traditional family favourite and signature dish) is not only practical but also plays a role in ensuring the kitchen feels like home.




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Photography: Toby Scott

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