Create a luxe kid’s space with an exotic touch

Tigmi Trading-Minimosh-Bedroom2-Photographed by Kaitlin LiemandtIf you’ve hit up the awesome collective boutique Newrybar Merchants during any road trip through Northern New South Wales lately, you’ve likely taken a fancy to these two labels already. Tigmi Trading have combined their beautiful modern, exotic rugs from Morocco with the cute and colourful kid\’s room offerings by Minimosh to create these bedroom spaces that are big in style for our little ones. Here are their top three tips for choosing the right rug to suit your creative kid’s spaces.

Tigmi Trading-Minimosh-Day Bed-Photographed by Kaitlin Liemandt

Tip 1:

Rugs that are soft underfoot with pattern hide those little accidents while creating a soft space to play. Go for a small to medium pile with a classic Beni Ourain or Boujad rug.

Tigmi Trading-Minimosh-Stool Group

Tigmi Trading-Minimosh-Stool Octopus

Tip 2:

Flatweaves (kilims) are great for more structural activities block stacking and racing cars. They are very hardwearing and will see your child through from baby to teen.

Tigmi Trading-Minimosh-Desk-Photographed by Kaitlin Liemandt

Tigmi Trading-Minimosh-Reading Room Detail

Tip 3:

Colour encourages creativity and fun! Embrace uniqueness and stray away from matchy-matchy neutrals with a colourful piece.

Tigmi Trading-Minimosh-Desk Detail-Photographed by Kaitlin Liemandt

Tigmi Trading-Minimosh-Bedroom1-Photographed by Kaitlin Liemandt

Homewares featured are available online with Tigmi Trading and Minimosh and are showcased at Newrybar Merchants in Newrybar, Northern New South Wales.

Styling: Bobilee Shahine and Tigmi Trading 
Photography: Kaitlin Liemandt 

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