These stunning rugs blend contemporary art with traditional craft

These stunning rugs blend contemporary art with traditional craft

The design studio of nanimarquina keeps a focus on time-honoured craft and collaborative collections with some of the world\’s most celebrated modern designers.

This year, Cult has introduced the nanimarquina Flora rugs by Barcelona artist Santi Moix, with his use of vibrant use colour brought to the fore across a wide range composed of 38 different colourways, an exhaustive chromatic work.

Flora is inspired by the intermediate processes in the life of flowers, from blooming to their explosion of colour and finally, their decay. The collection comes in a range of sizes, working up to a statement piece with the overscaled 300 x 400 cm, 170 x 240 cm or 150 x 170 cm models. Or choose from the smaller models called Bloom, which work as separate pieces, combinable with each other and also to complement the Colors collection.

Flora Promenade by Santi Moix for Nanimarquina
Flora Bloom by Santi Moix for Nanimarquina
Flora Bloom by Santi Moix for Nanimarquina

The more monochromatic undertones of the Colors range of dhurries boasts an energetic palette specially designed to complement the Flora collection, while the innovative Telares rugs are the result of an experiment into combining the techniques used in kilims and typical dhurries with hand-woven Afghan wool. Filled with irregularities, this is a tremendously expressive rug that reflects the beauty behind artisanal work.

Discover the artful designs of nanimarquina blending contemporary aesthetics with traditional rugs by paying a trip to your nearest Cult showroom, or head online to to see the full breadth of options.

Colors in Nectar from Nanimarquina
Colors in Blush from Nanimarquina
Telares in Pine from Nanimarquina
Telares in Indigo from Nanimarquina
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