The best in beautiful brights from Jai Vasicek of Ahoy Trader

Here in the QH office, we\’re absolute suckers for anything that\’s bright, bold and cheery. (Anything that puts a smile on our face gets a tick of approval!) The latest thing to cross our path definitely fits this description, and they come from the ever-talented Jai Vasicek.

Jai\’s most recent range of colourful cushions and throws seems to draw inspiration from plenty of sources – from far-flung places such as the South Pacific and Guadeloupe, to as nearby as your kitchen\’s fruitbowl. Papaya-style tones have taken over from popular pineapple hues, and we love the new look it\’ll give to your home. Oranges, deep yellows and dark green \’seeds\’ work together to produce an effortlessly casual yet oh-so-chic design, offset by a smattering of black spots.

The throws are equally creative. The Americas get a shoutout with the Guadeloupe print, tiled across a cotton throw in oranges, reds and greens. Geometric prints with a definite handmade touch are also a standout, while tribal artwork features (updated in Jai\’s distinctive style, naturally).

All in all, it\’s a taste of the laid-back, Byron Bay style that Jai is famed for. Take a closer look below.







These Australian-made goodies can be found online, in stores across the country, or in the Ahoy Trader showroom at Byron Bay and Port Douglas.

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