5 reasons to love real timber flooring

This timber floor is stunning and is named after a tasty treat ‘Chocolat’. This colour of timber is able to be matched to anything in a room as it can contrast with any item and create a darker look and show the difference between dark and light.

It’s timeless

Timber flooring is timeless. With the ability to stay popular no matter what, this flooring is popular for both renovations and new builds. A solid timber floor has a beautiful natural elegance and its own character that can compliment any type of home or decor – it’s a style of flooring that will never go out of style and will be something your family can enjoy for generations.

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The uniqueness of these planks with the plainness of the white wall, really draw the eye to the floor and make you want to get up close to it and see all the different grains and lines.

It’s easy to clean and maintain

Don’t we all want our floor to be easy to clean and maintain? Solid timber flooring doesn’t harbour allergens that make the atmosphere unhealthy, and it’s less work when it comes time for housekeeping, being easy to keep in tip top shape with a regular sweep, mop or vacuum.

This single herringbone pattern timber creates a flowing floor and is eye catching. It is paired with a dark cream wall which really brings out the lightness in the wood.

Nothing compares to unique grain of a timber floor.

Every piece of flooring is different and unique, with a range of grain patterns which no other piece of timber can match. The way the grains twist and knot in their own special pattern creates a visual masterpiece when it is put down.

The lightness of this timber flooring and the bright white benches contrasts with the vibrant blues in the background. This draws the eye to the kitchen design and the gorgeous flooring.

Large range of choice.

From the darkness of the Jarrah to the lightness of the Northern Beach, and many shades in between, you will find the colour that suits you best. Traditional timber flooring has a range of natural colours and seemingly endless colour choices from cherry mahogany, liming, roasted timbers and chocolate to name a few.

The earthy colours in the feature walls is complemented by the lighter colours of the double herringbone pattern of the timber floors that creates a soft and neutral tone.

Creates different looks within a home

Within your home different moods are being set, so don’t underestimate how much having the right floor will help to set the tone of your home. Timber flooring has the ability to have different looks and patterns that can adapt to every kind of decorating style, be it contemporary, classic, modern or industrial. Timber floor is also made with love, handcrafted with just the right cut and finish for the ultimate in high-end quality.

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