This body oil collection is like a sensory journey through exotic destinations — and we love it!

Asriq body oils

Inspired by a love for travel and a journey to ancient Egypt, where aromatic perfume oils line the streets, the Asrìq collection of body oils embodies the divine feminine and exotic sensuality.

Each Asrìq perfumed scent is handcrafted with love and packed full of natural ingredients, with nourishing omegas, vitamins and antioxidants, making them the perfect concoction of pampering skincare and long-lasting fragrance.

Create your own luxurious daily ritual and apply your favourite Asrìq body oil to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and enliven your senses.

We sampled six of the finest Asrìq body oils in their Discovery Set, each named after the destination that inspired their scent; needless to say, we\’ve fallen in love with these sensual, sublime fragrances. Below are three of our favourite body oils from the Asrìq collection — choose your own exotic adventure, and find your favourite new body and beauty ritual.

Asriq body oils

Asriq body oils


Embrace your inner goddess with the Luxor body oil, named after the ancient pharaohs\’ capital of the country that inspired Asriq\’s creation. We definitely had our own Cleopatra moment anointing ourselves with this luxe, sophisticated scent — it exudes the seductive beauty of the gods and goddesses of Egypt.


Imbued with lush, tropical notes inspired by the jungle\’s natural serenity and harmony, the Ubud body oil by Asriq emanates a gentle musk scent, much like soft incense, that instantly transported us to Bali\’s spiritual heart.


Take a trip through the exotic souks of Morocco with the rich notes of the Marrakech body oil. You only need a few drops of this captivating fragrance, with its fresh florals and spicy undertones, to feel like Scheherazade of 1001 Arabian Nights. So divine!

Asriq body oils

Asriq body oils


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