Clean sleeping tips from Mulberry Threads Co.

Mulberry Threads Co. bamboo bedding

Australian brand Mulberry Threads Co. was founded in 2014 through a shared love of soft, natural textiles by sisters Claire and Kate and bestie Kira. As linen and homewares lovers, these ladies were over having to compromise on high quality and stylish design when choosing a product that was eco-friendly, organic or super comfy. So, what do you do? You create your own! Their bamboo sheets were a hit straight away, and since then they’ve been growing their range to include cot sheets, quilt covers, and bamboo towels.

Kira Sterling, one-third of Mulberry Threads Co., has listed all the benefits of sleeping with Bamboo to help us all achieve truly ‘Clean Sleeping.\’

Bamboo is thermo-regulating

Bamboo sheets keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Micro-sized holes of the bamboo fibre allow the fabric to breathe and regulate body temperature. These holes assist with insulation by keeping warm air between the body and the blanket.

It’s kind to sensitive skin

Bamboo is gentler than many man-made fibres and will not irritate the skin. The hypoallergenic properties of the bamboo are perfect for those with sensitivities and is a natural solution for those predisposed to skin irritations.

‘Clean’ sleeping – it’s a thing

Antibacterial textiles are made from bamboo fibres that are naturally resistant to bacteria, repels dust mites, mould, and mildew and allows for greater air flow.

Bamboo helps to repel bad odour

“Bamboo Kun” is a naturally occurring substance that is odour-resistant and allows for greater air flow (which in turn helps to repel body odour).

It’s also highly absorbent

Bamboo is an extremely resilient and durable fibre. When compared to cotton and polyester, it has stronger wicking properties and moisture absorption (approximately 60% more absorbent than cotton).

And did we mention, bamboo sheets are really super soft?

Made from 100% organic bamboo and designed with a sateen weave to create a smooth, luxe texture. The sheets are as soft as your baby’s skin!

Best of all, bamboo is environmentally friendly

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and requires little to no water to grow meaning it is a renewable resource and is not harming the environment. What’s more the bamboo used to make Mulberry Threads fabric is not the species consumed by Pandas for food.

Check out the range of beautiful bamboo beddings from Mulberry Threads Co. below, and get on your way to creating your own ‘Clean Sleeping’ bedroom haven.

Mulberry Threads Co. bamboo bedding

Mulberry Threads Co. bamboo bedding

Mulberry Threads Co. bamboo bedding

Mulberry Threads Co. bamboo bedding

Mulberry Threads Co. bamboo bedding

Mulberry Threads Co. bamboo bedding

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