Coastal decorating looks to embrace summer

Coastal decorating is one of the most popular interior design styles, loved for its cool, calm and crisp look that’s both inviting and impactful. But it can also be a little misunderstood – it’s not all about seashells and rattan rugs (though we do love a good natural fibre rug!). There are even a few different ways you can decorate to achieve a coastal look for your home, using elements you may not consider to be habitually coastal.

Coastal decorating looks to embrace summer
Image: Design Scout | Photo: Tanika Blair

Back to black

A touch of moody black isn’t typically what comes to mind when we think of coastal decorating, but adding a bit of drama in the shape of a statement dark piece – cushions, accessories, artwork or even Black Japan stained timber flooring – can be very effective when paired with the right accessories. Team black or dark grey with earthy browns and bright whites for a superbly chic, subtly eclectic coastal look.

Coastal decorating looks to embrace summer

All white

Ample use of white is a more traditional way to decorate in a coastal style, but that doesn’t mean it has to be typical. Let your décor be a little rough around the edges by curating unusual ceramics, wooden vases, woven light coverings and distressed furniture. An easy way to achieve a coastal look with your furniture that won’t break the bank is to paint the furniture you already own with chalk paint. This allows you to do the distressed look at home and gives it an authentic touch.

Moss and Twine
Image: Moss and Twine | Photo: Anastasia Kariofyllidis

Natural textures

Incorporating natural textures into your home, particularly light timbers and woven cane is a beautiful way to achieve a coastal look. Pair natural pieces such as statement furniture, or even stunning feature walls, with plants and plenty of white or muted-tone elements for a crisp and elegant look.

Rylo Interiors coastal interiors
Image: Rylo Interiors | Photo: Elouise Van Riet Gray

Pops of colour

Those who love a bit of colour need not miss out on achieving a coastal decorating style for their home. The strategic use of bold tones and pastel hues can make spaces really stunning without being overwhelming. If you’re not sure where to start with your colours, begin with navy, teal, light blues and gold and see where it takes you. It has been said that colours occurring in nature don\’t clash, so keep that in mind when creating your own coastal-inspired palette.


Words: Nichola Davies

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