Darren James Interiors - interior - lounging area

A contemporary and chic apartment designed for stylish city living

A high-end designer transformation of a ‘bought off the plan’ apartment has ushered in all the contemporary and chic sophistication and functionality required for stylish (and superbly comfortable!) inner-city living in Brisbane.

Welcome to a sumptuous urban retreat, floating above one of Brisbane’s liveliest streetscapes. Designed by renowned interior design firm Darren James Interiors, this stunning South Bank apartment offers breathtaking city views and combines functionality with an aesthetic to create a luxe, layered and utterly alluring space.

Darren James Interiors - interior - sofa and coffee table

As you step through the door, you’re immediately greeted by an artful fusion of comfort and deliciously decadent design. Every detail has been carefully considered — with softly rounded profiles, plush textures, and a curated palette conspiring to reflect the vibrant surroundings while evoking a sense of inner-city opulence.

The team behind this transformation from ‘off the plan’ to sky-high haven is led by award-winning husband and wife duo Darren James and Elissa Greer. The pair worked closely with their client to create a personal refuge of calm and sleek sophistication.

“After years of hard work and lusting over high-end furnishings, our client engaged us to bring their visions to life,” says Elissa. “Being a busy surgeon, he wished for a warm and inviting sanctuary to escape and enjoy days off.” With a love of nature and travel, the client didn’t shy away from a little colour either, requesting richly organic tones to enhance the interior environment.

Darren James Interiors - interior - main living area

The property started with a typically confined inner-city apartment layout. However, with carefully considered spatial planning, Darren James Interiors has transformed the open-plan living area, incorporating ample functionality for lounging, dining and entertaining.

This area now serves as the focal point of the home with a sleekly curvaceous sofa inviting you to sink into its plush depths. The adjacent bookcase in the dining room is filled with books, plants, personal photos, and styling pieces to inject individuality and personality into the space.

The master bedroom is designed to be a sanctuary of tranquillity amidst the bustling city streets outside. Luxurious linens, soft lighting, moody wallpaper, and carefully selected accents create an oasis of calm, a perfect zen zone for unwinding after a long day.

Darren James Interiors - interior - master bedroom

The contemporary interior design by Darren James Interiors seamlessly integrates into the building’s architecture, with a fluid transition from the outside world to a cosy, modern home. The apartment embraces the cityscape through large windows that frame the views and allow ample natural light, connecting the interior space with the outside world — a thoroughly urban edge from which the design team took their cues. 

Darren James Interiors - master bedroom balcony

Darren James Interiors - balcony

“One of the key challenges in re-designing the apartment’s interiors was achieving the perfect balance between warmth and minimalism,” says Elissa. “We’ve achieved this balance by carefully selecting materials, colours, and furnishings. The result is a space that feels inviting and cosy while still maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic.”

Darren James Interiors - interior - dining area

Darren James Interiors - interior - dining

Darren James Interiors - interior - dining table

Darren James Interiors has created a home their client can be proud to welcome family and friends into, with a focus on high-end furnishings layered with softly sculptural forms and personal touches. Every detail has been meticulously thought out, from the artwork on the walls to the placement of accessories on shelves, ensuring each element contributes to the overall aesthetic.

Darren James Interiors - interior - main living area closeup

Darren James Interiors - interior - dining area closeup

The residence now feels like home, an urban gem that perfectly balances comfort and style with all the exuberance and energy of modern inner-city living.

Darren James Interiors - interior - office

Darren James Interiors - interior - bedroom

Words: Natalie Bannister / Photography: Brock Beazley

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