The many and varied ways of creating edible gardens in a small space


With the emphasis on the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables at an all time high, but with time and space often at a premium, it’s good to know that there are still ways to have your veggies and eat them too! It’s a bit of a mission for Ted and Kathryn of Eden Landscape to show the many and varied ways of creating edible gardens that are available, even in small spaces.

As award winning landscape designers based at the Eden Garden Centre they can show you the best ways not only to grow and maintain your own little eden, but how to make your outdoor spaces liveable – imagine an outdoor kitchen where your herbs are at your fingertips, your dining area is surrounded by potted fruit trees, and your vegetable garden is just at hand – their experience can make it happen. And being landscape designers, that means that they can bring the whole project to fruition from start to finish.

“Our approach is to visit the site, and through extensive consultation, determine exactly what our clients want to achieve,” says Ted. “We then draw up plans for the layout and construction, and a horticultural plan as well as developing a plan for the maintenance and care of the completed project. It’s up to the client how much or how little they want to do – but they will have all the information necessary to get the project completed. And of course, they can leave the whole thing to us if they wish – we can take the project from planning to completion.”

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With an emphasis on using natural materials their projects integrate beautifully into outdoor areas, but it is important Ted says, to be mindful of the architectural style of your home and marry it successfully with the proposed project. “We can create outdoor areas that reflect influences from Morocco, the Mediterranean, or Spain, or create settings that are tropical, rustic, contemporary, or Oriental in style – in short, anything your heart desires!”

Increasingly, Ted and Kathryn are finding that their clients are keen to use their outdoor areas year round, and what could be more ‘now’ than a fire pit? Providing not only warmth but that wonderful experience of looking into the heart of a real fire, a fire pit is a safe and user-friendly option and the bonus is of course, that the grown ups get to play with it.

Being based at the Eden Garden Centre means that Ted and Kathryn can show you examples of green walls and edible gardens, outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas – a great way to get your ideas flowing! And working with them means that the end result will be beautiful outdoor areas and thriving gardens – it’s what they do.

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