Turn up the heat & discover the many advantages of a gas fireplace

StyleFires gas fireplace
Contemporary style with the San Francisco Bay gas fireplace from StyleFires

There\’s nothing nicer than spending the winter evenings or the cooler winter afternoons curled up with a good book, a board game or a glass of wine by the fireplace. But just because not all Queensland homes are blessed with a classic wood-burning fireplace, it doesn\’t mean you can\’t access the beauty and benefits of one. Consider the more accessible and multi-functional option of a gas fireplace for a modern way to inject warmth and stylish comfort into your living spaces and turn your winter home into a haven of cosy comfort.

Classic style gas fireplace
Classic comfort with the Ortal front facing gas fireplace from StyleFires

When comparing a gas heater to a wood heater, the main benefits of gas is the convenience and ease of installation, and the ease of use – a gas fireplace gives out a constant heat source, unlike a wood-burning fireplace that requires continuous attention (and a masters degree in kindle construction!).

While there is still some maintenance required with gas heaters – a gas fitter needs to service the unit every few years to remove any carbon build-up – gas fireplaces have the benefit of being cleaner than wood fireplaces, as there\’s no ash or mess to wipe up.

Plus, a gas fireplace is also more pet and kid-friendly (with no open flame or sparks to contend with!), and there\’s also the convenience to consider, as a gas unit can be turned on with the click of a button and takes approximately five minutes to reach its full visual impact (hello, ambience!).

Ortal front facing gas fireplace
The Ortal front gas fireplace from StyleFires also suits modern homes

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There are so many stylish and contemporary design options for gas fireplaces available from boutique fireplace suppliers like Brisbane\’s own StyleFires, whose range includes modern landscape heaters or traditional and cosy fireplaces (and anywhere in between) all available with gas. There are also single, double, corner and three-sided glass options available to suit any setup or style of home.

Corner gas fireplace
The City Series Chicago Corner gas fireplace from StyleFires
Modern gas fireplace
The Regency gas fireplace from StyleFires feels and looks superb
Ortal Tunnel gas fireplace
Add warmth in style and functionality with the Ortal Tunnel gas fireplace from StyleFires
Contemporary style gas fireplace
StyleFires\’ Ortal Space Creator is the perfect choice for niches

Head into StyleFires showroom at 21 Mayneview St, Milton, to view their range of gas fireplaces, and start turning up the heat with your home this winter.





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