The smarter way to choosing and buying art

When you find a work of art that resonates with you and your home, you\’ll want the confidence to take the leap. Mitchell Fine Art in Brisbane offer an essential guide to creating an enjoyable buying experience for novice collectors.

Mitchell Fine Art Gallery


Visit galleries and museums to discover the artists and the kind of art that you like. Most exhibitions are free, and art should be experienced in person.


Receive exhibition information direct into your inbox. Mitchell Fine Art presents a rotating exhibition calendar showcasing a diverse range of artworks. Social media is also a great way to stay informed, so follow your favourite galleries on Instagram and Facebook.


Attending exhibition opening nights and artist talks offers the opportunity to really engage with artists. Mitchell Fine Art offers regular Artist Talks, Director’s Talk and Curator Talks that are free events, and there is time for Q&A’s.

Mitchell Fine Art Gallery

Mitchell Fine Art Gallery


Don’t be intimidated to discuss your needs or wants. Most galleries have stockrooms where amazing pieces can be discovered. Gallery staff know what they have behind the scenes, and they may also have an idea of what is coming up that might be what you’re looking for. Mitchell Fine Art’s stockroom offers a large range of Aboriginal and Contemporary Australian artworks. If something is not on display it does not mean it’s not available.


Don’t feel the need to follow trends. If it is a work of art that you are going to see daily, it must be something you love. However you decide is a completely personal decision.

Mitchell Fine Art Gallery

Mitchell Fine Art Gallery


At Mitchell Fine Art, there are options available to assist you in the buying process. Pay for your art straight away, pay it off through laybuy, or utilise their art buy scheme where you can take your art home and pay it off in installments (Mitchell Fine Art is a gallery member of Art Money, offering an interest free option to purchasing art).

Mitchell Fine Art has curated the perfect way to engage and experience art before buying. The gallery\’s team can offer expert guidance to refine your selection, and can facilitate professional assistance with framing, transportation, lighting and art hanging and installation requirements.

Mitchell Fine Art is located at 86 Arthur Street in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, and is open Monday to Friday 10am – 5.30pm and Saturday 10am – 5pm with onsite parking available.

For more information on exhibitions or other works, contact Mitchell Fine Art.

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