How to create your dream country home

How to create your dream country home


Beautiful country homes are all the rage on Pinterest boards at the moment and with good reason. Their relaxed and rustic mood inspires designers and homeowners to create the warm, natural feel that a home on the rolling country side would offer. Think Byron Bay Hinterland.

In response to the increasing demand for the country look that includes open rail barn door style internal openings, the Woodworkers Company have created a range of red cedar ledge and brace style V.J. doors with hardware options of powder coat black or satin stainless exposed track and hanger.

Their standard sizes are 2040 x 820 x 40 and 2100 x 920 x 40 but Woodworkers are able to custom manufacture to suit any size or design. They can also inexpensively be used as room dividers on overhead tracks, or hinged for use internally or in protected external locations.

Barn doors have the ability to create that unique country character and evoke a slightly rural feel wherever they are installed.

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