Kara Rosenlund\’s new supersized photographic art

Kara Rosenlund extra large prints

Travel photographer and all-round creative wonder, Kara Rosenlund has taken her signature limited edition photographic prints to an almighty big level of wow, with the introduction of her new extra large print size.

I’ve been wanting to offer this size for some time now – and like everything I make available in the shop, I always live with the new additions first, to test them out and to see how I feel with them within my space. And, most importantly, to find out if I would have them in my home,” says Kara of the extra large sizing. “The answer was a big YES, I LOVE living with this size…. and also love working alongside this size, too.”

Rosenlund has always been captivated by the Australian landscape – such of her work is based around her epic road trips across the country, from the outback to coast. “I’m most inspired when driving in the bush with the windows down and the music up,” she says.

Kara Rosenlund extra large prints 4

Kara Rosenlund’s photographic work has been acquired by galleries and private collectors all over the globe, but it’s on the walls of like-minded kindred spirits where her work finds the most welcome of homes, especially here in her hometown of Brisbane.

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“I’ve gradually been fitting out my new studio in Brisbane and have reached the fun stage of decorating and adding layers, rather than on the tools, painting, and sanding,” says Kara of her growing local hub of creativity. “I have long lusted after this size and while on the journey of bringing the studio to life, I knew I wanted to have the larger scale works in the studio. They are such a broad brushstroke and create a solid level of sophistication and style.”

Kara Rosenlund extra large prints in the studio

By choosing one of Rosenlund’s new oversized pieces, you are instantly adding visual impact to any room. There’s no denying it – these prints are made for taking centerstage! And the photographer’s preferred method os display? Read on for Kara’s top three tips for showing off your extra large framed print with style and edge.

Idea 1 – The Lean

Understated Luxury

“I love the relaxed feel that a photographic work leaning on the wall gives to a room. You don’t have to worry about hanging it and it gives you the versatility to handle the photographic work like a piece of furniture and move it around the house.”

Kara Rosenlund extra large prints 2

Idea 2 – Companion Pieces

Extra Impact

“Pairing two extra large sized prints increases the visual impact of the works and is an effortless way to create an unforgettable space. When you are choosing which pieces to pair together stay loyal to the same theme – seascapes, black & whites or landscapes with similar colour tones. This will strengthen your visual message.”

Kara Rosenlund extra large prints 1

Idea 3 – Make an Entrance

Set the tone of your home

“Set the tone of your home as soon as you walk through the door each day. In my entryway, it’s a rather narrow space, so I selected a vertical oversized piece to emphasise the height, rather than a horizontal work.”

Kara Rosenlund extra large prints 3

Shop the new collection of extra large prints by Kara Rosenlund at kararosenlund.com

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