SX Construction - exterior - front facade

A modern Sunshine Coast beach house

This coastal home is a testament to the power of perseverance — and, of course, classic Sunshine Coast design.

SX Construction - interior - family room and dining

A beachfront home: is there anything more quintessentially Sunshine Coast? And this home doesn’t just have the views captured on its second storey, it’s also only a moment’s walk to those sandy shores across the road. For the owners, the vision was a unique take on a coastal home, where ocean views would be part of everyday living, and the sea breezes could lazily meander through the space. It would also have to be a home that could evolve with their family — after all, who would want to leave a location this beautiful?

SX Construction - indoor-outdoor space and dining area

SX Construction - balcony

SX Constructions was tasked with building a home that would take advantage of all the joys of coastal living over many years to come. “We wanted to have the best of both form and function,” says Steve Essex, owner of SX Constructions.

There were two challenges from the outset. One, the timing: SX Constructions started the project in 2021, and across its lifespan they’d be impacted by material and labour shortages (thanks, COVID) and flooding on the Sunshine Coast. Delays stretched the project out. “It was a frustrating time to build, but we persevered!” says Steve. Two, the salt air. Any ocean lover can attest to salt giving an unwelcome patina to anything it can cling to, and the home would have to be designed with that in mind. “Ongoing exposure to salt obviously causes corrosion issues if building materials aren’t selected carefully enough,” says Steve. All materials would have to be low maintenance, durable, and perfectly suited to the home’s aesthetic — no easy task, but the SX Constructions team rose to the challenge for the home, which was designed by Zauss House and draws on concrete, aluminium, glass, masonry, render, and fibre-cement cladding.

SX Construction - exterior - facade

The design nods to those classic beachside properties we’re all familiar with, but it’s a luxurious take on more humble cousins. Take the polished concrete floors weaving their way through the home, their smooth speckle-like stones gleaming on the sand. In the master ensuite, rectangular tumbled natural limestone wall and floor tiles shine in oyster tones, paired with brushed brass accents; a concrete Arc basin, from Concrete Nation, ties the shades together. And, despite the abundance of concrete, aluminium and limestone, the home is nowhere near harsh. There’s a sense of softness throughout, captured through gently curving walls, arched mirrors and motifs, and oval basins and bathtubs. The finishes are inspired by nature — Caesarstone Riverlet casts a golden hue in the bathrooms — and ocean breezes whisper through the gossamer-fine window finishes throughout the home. There’s even a bright punch of green thanks to an indoor garden, one of the first things you see as you cross the threshold, with a variety of coastal favourites planted to capture the natural light dancing through the space.

SX Construction - exterior - stairs to entrance

SX Construction - interior - stairs

SX Construction - interior - plantbox below the stairs

The second storey, with its views out to the ocean, houses the main living area, kitchen and master bedroom, and is also home to Steve’s favourite feature: “the outdoor living area,” he says. “Not just because of the views, but its connectedness to the kitchen through oversized doors.” Outside, the home really had to withstand that salt, right down to the balustrade and pool fencing. “We chose custom-designed, powder-coated aluminium balustrade, curved to suit the radius of the balcony,” says Steve. “It’s a clean, minimalist finish.” Paired with a matching bar top integrated into the balustrade, the team has created the perfect space for, as Steve notes, “afternoon sundowners”.

SX Construction - interior - living area - sofa

SX Construction - interior - kitchen

SX Construction - kitchen - island

SX Construction - interior - bathroom jack and jill vanity

SX Construction - interior - family room

SX Construction - interior - kitchen overview

SX Construction - interior - master bedroom - bed

This beautiful home by SX Constructions takes advantage of the subtropical climate, but is also incredibly low-maintenance while not sacrificing an ounce of style. All that’s left to do now? Sit back, relax, and enjoy that ocean air as you take in the views. Sounds like the perfect summer evening to us!

SX Construction - exterior - backyard and swimming pool

SX Construction - exterior - swimming pool from above

SX Construction - interior - bathroom and restroom

SX Construction - interior - shower

Words: Natasha Pavez / Photography: Brock Beazley

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