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Rylo Interiors home design

When Rylo Interiors were commissioned by couple Emily and Gerard (plus their daughter Millie), they knew they were onto a winner – but Lauren Pearse, director of Rylo Interiors, didn’t realise at first just how well she and Emily would get along during the 10 month project. “After building two other homes, Emily and Gerard knew exactly what they wanted,” she explains. “The classic architecture by Flux Architecture was so easy to work with – and adding Emily’s flair and personality was a dream.”

Rylo Interiors forever home

Harmonious design

The home features some stunning elements, both structurally and aesthetically; the harmony seen in both is a hallmark of Rylo Interiors style. Where some elements might have overwhelmed the space, Lauren worked to make them enticing. A large void in the centre of the home, while a must-have, proved a bit of a challenge. “The stairs made the room off-centre,” explains Lauren, “but we wanted to keep the room looking symmetrical when you stepped in the front door, as well as looking back into the home.” Adding a variety of soft furnishings and artworks transformed this space from cavernous to homely. Colour – “particularly pink,” Lauren says – injected life into the space, working perfectly with Emily’s collection of classic black and white pieces.

Rylo Interiors lounge stairs

Dream spaces

The kitchen, too, is stunning – another must-have which elevates the home to luxurious new heights. “It’s a really large kitchen, but as the island is free from sinks and cooktops it becomes such a showstopper,” Lauren enthuses. “The amazing pendant lights help, too!”
It’s clear from looking at the space that everyone was on the same page every step of the way, and the results are simply stunning. Lauren certainly holds fond memories of the project! “My highlight? Many FaceTime conversations while Emily roamed stores looking for bargains!” she laughs. “She was so open to anything – adding colour and pattern was just so easy.”
It’s a house that will last – and Rylo’s touches of love scattered throughout will ensure this home nurtures whoever is in it for years to come.

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Rylo Interiors kitchen



Photography: Elouise Van Riet-Gray

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