Top 5 swimming pool shapes

It’s that time of year again when the temperature starts to heat up and we stare at that space in the backyard that could very well be a swimming pool. And, as we all know with our balmy Queensland summers, a swimming pool not only improves your lifestyle but your home’s value as well. These five popular pool styles will give you inspiration and get you ready for lazy summer swims.

1. Rectanglerectangular swimming pool

A rectangular pool shape is simple and classy and can be made ultra-modern with quality design and materials. Rectangular pools are great for lapping, and have a more formal appearance than many other designs. For a softer look, opt for rounded corners.

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2. Free-form

Image: Majestic Pools

Make the most of the space you have with a free-form design that follows the contours of your property. The most natural-looking pool shape, freeform pools are perfect for creating a little backyard oasis surrounded by landscaping, and they can look stunning with boulders, rocks or waterfall features.

3. Geometric

Ecozen-geometric pool
Image: Ecozen

Geometric pool shapes come in an infinite number of designs but always have a modern, interesting and sophisticated appeal. Geometric pools work perfectly in new home builds and allow you to customise different square and rectangular aspects of the pool as well as creating unique and interesting design features.

4. Infinity

Image: Argo Architects

Infinity pools are designed so that the edge merges into the surroundings – usually the sea or sky. Reminding us of luxury holidays in exotic places, if you live near the water or on a higher vantage point, an infinity pool can bring that luxury holiday feel home.

5. Plunge

plunge poolA plunge pool is a perfect option for those who don’t have a lot of yard space. Plunge pools still offer room to wade around, as well as being a little deeper than a regular pool, making them good for rehabilitation, relaxation, and exercise.

Whichever swimming pool design you choose, you’ll not only be set for summer but add value to your home as well. Browse our favourite swimming pool designers and builders here.

Words: Nichola Davies

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